R O C K††† C A N D Y

Live music and entertainment. A unique flavor to classic rock.†

Bob JosephLead vocal and guitar

Marty Cohn† Keyboard, vocal and bass

LARRY DONATO Lead guitar and vocal


BobbyJo solo, duet,

trio or full band

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Candy Land

We live in Baldwin and Lynbrook, N.Y. and have been friends for a long, long time. We are of the generation when rock was at its finest, and we love our music.† Stones, Allmans, Tull, Petty, Zep, CSNY and of course, the Beatles all had a major impact on our musical taste and inspiration.

Versatility allows us to play in almost any venue. We specialize in duets for restaurants and smaller establishments, trios for most mid-size venues, and a full band for the ultimate Rock Candy sound. Having a party? Take your pick. Itís all good.

Want to see video clips of us in action? Youíll love our Candy Samples at† A Taste of Candy. Youíll find our schedule at the Rock Candy Calendar.


Bob Joseph


Cell 646-322-3699


Mmmwaah!††† (such a baby)

Rock candy

There will be plenty of good people, great food, cocktails, atmosphere and ear candy to make your visit a nice way to celebrate the weekend. For those musicians and brave souls who like to rock out (you know who you are), join us on stage for a few numbers. We know you will enjoy this. We hope to see you there!

.You worked hard all week. Itís a break you can use.

Just stop by. Say hi!  Get the juiciest news.

Or hang out and rock with us all night if you choose.

Youíll be begging to boogie, so wear dancing shoes

Weíll all drink till we stinkÖSo you know you canít lose

with good brews, booze, chews and blues


Life is good.

See ya soon.



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The Band

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